Curriculum Vitae


2012-2017 Doctor of Philosophy, Psychology, University of Toronto, Canada

2011-2012 Master of Arts, Psychology, Collaborative Program in Neuroscience, University of Toronto, Canada

2006-2010 Honours Bachelor of Science, Neuroscience and Psychology, University of Toronto, Canada


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2018: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship ($90,000)

2016: ORT Travel Award, Krembil Research Institute ($500)

2016: Doctoral Completion Award, University of Toronto ($5180)

2016: 1st Place Award, Oral Presentation, The Krembil Research Day ($75)

2015: Morris Moscovitch Award, Toronto Area Memory Group ($75)

2014: Ontario Graduate Scholarship ($15,000)

2013: School of Graduate Studies Conference Grant ($500)

2012: School of Graduate Studies Conference Grant ($500)

2012: Allied Health Travel Grant ($1000)


2018-present, Course Instructor - Memory and Plasticity Mentorship Program, University of California, Davis

2016, Course Instructor - Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Toronto

2015-2016, Teaching Assistant - Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Toronto

2014, Teaching Assistant - Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, University of Toronto

2014, Teaching Assistant - Introduction to Perception, University of Toronto

2013-2014, Teaching Assistant - Introduction to Abnormal Psychology, University of Toronto

2011-2013, Teaching Assistant - Neurochemical Basis of Behaviour, University of Toronto